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Who We Are



Founded in 1871, St. Stephen's is a community of Christian disciples in downtown Grand Island. Empowered and commissioned by our weekly worship and celebration of the Holy Eucharist, we seek to love God and our neighbors in all of life's circumstances the other six days of the week, witnessing to the Kingdom of God that has come near (Mark 1:15). 



A member of the Episcopal Church of the United States, St. Stephen's shares its spiritual DNA with the "Reformed Catholicism" of the Church of England. At St. Stephen's we believe in a shared commitment and reverence for Scripture and Sacraments because we want as much of the Holy Spirit as we can get.

We believe our 2000-year church tradition is a wellspring of wisdom. By drinking from that well, we are better equipped to follow Jesus today and tomorrow.

That means you will encounter a diversity of viewpoints and spiritual alignments at our church. Some of our members are more "High Church" in theology and devotional life, others are "Low Church" and all points in between. At St. Stephen's we see this diversity as a point of strength.



Just like you, the people of St. Stephen's don't have life figured out. We certainly don't have God or His Will figured out, either. We mess up and miss the mark on the regular. But like St. Peter, we keep coming back because "to whom [else] shall we go? You [Lord] have the words of eternal life." (John 6:68)

Our desire is for St. Stephen's to be a panoply of society: all income levels, backgrounds and points of view are welcome here. We don't believe anything you've done precludes you from darkening our door or joining us in worship. So please don't hesitate to check us out! We believe "visitors" are sent to us for a reason. Our task and calling is to demonstrate the hospitality of God to you. 

Visitors can experience our fellowship at our Sunday coffee hour following our 10 am service. If you are visiting, just passing through, or looking for a church home, we invite you to join us for some caffeine and refreshments in our parish hall.



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